The Breach Assessment is a service that enables organizations to proactively discover and truly understand abnormal or suspicious activity within their environment. Our security professionals have years of practical hands-on experience in responding to high profile data breaches, security incidents, and advising stakeholders in virtually every area of the private and public sector.

We sincerely understand how important it is to proactively defend your institution from unknown cyber threats, because that’s what we have spent our careers doing. As there are literally thousands upon thousands of cyber-attacks occurring on a daily basis. Nearly a third of security incidents that we respond to involve more than one active threat actor on our client’s network. In breach assessment our team utilizes a proprietary approach based on the best of breed commercial and open source technologies to discover what is happening on your systems and network.

Does your organization have the visibility and security measures in place to identify a breach?

Our Differentiators

Discretion: Our business is protecting yours and that means we operate as an extension of your organization to ensure your reputation and brand are left untouched. Discretion also means we won’t ever use your organization as the case study for an industry presentation or blog post. From the moment you become a client you’re referred to by a code name.

Unrivaled: We are the Special Forces of Breach Response. AZ takes Special Operations approach we our clients are our most sensitive missions. All of our work is conducted by particularly well organized, trained, and equipped teams. Our talent is our Intellectual Property, which is the result of working with only the most highly selected people who we have known, and most importantly grown to trust over the last three decades.

Unique: We use a hybrid approach combined of conventional and unconventional tactics, techniques, and modes of employment. Our knowledge and experience provides us with the inimitable ability to identify evil whose main objective is wreaking havoc while remaining elusive. Our engagements are also unique in that we aim to include your key stake holders throughout the entire mission. We offer the opportunity for your key stakeholders to work alongside our team in order to learn and actually have fun. We have found that this is not only beneficial for your own professional development, but it also promotes transparency into our process that you can adopt then apply within your own environment.

Are attackers targeting your organization and is it negatively affecting your business or brand?